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To get into contact with us, please visit our store at 306 Main Street, in Bingham, Maine.

You may also email us HERE.

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Tracey’s Variety
Bingham, Maine 04920

or Call US: 1-207-672-4496

2 Responses to Contact US

  1. Amy Wright says:

    good morning,

    I am writing in regards to i just looked at bank statement and i had gotten gas and the debit/ credit card machine one evening was giving a hard time and was told to keep receipt in case i got double charged and i just saw that i did. What can i do to get my money back?

    • ThreePurpleRoses says:

      If you have a problem that happens like that, please go see Tracey. She will take care of it. She won’t charge you more than for what you buy!

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